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Why BCA?

We are your foremost cost-effective business consulting alliance in Southern Africa – we build strategies and solutions that are globally top-notch and locally adapted to be relevant. Our experience and strong local insight coupled with our global outlook on business makes us your go-to business consulting firm in Zambia.

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Research insights

We prepare insight briefs from our research on several sectors that maybe of interest to you and your business. We hope these benefit any businesses or individuals seeking on-the-ground insight and understanding of the Zambian business environment.

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Why Zambia?

Zambia is a relatively stable country in Southern Africa that is vastly unexplored but open for business. Despite some challenges, the country remains a smart-choice raw investment option. Key priority areas include; Agriculture, Tourism, Infrastructure/Energy and Manufacturing.

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Focus Areas

Agricultural Services & Consulting

We believe in thoughtful planning and strategic implementation. Call us for help on getting the most from your agricultural venture.

Business Services &

With our deep local insight and global perspective, we adopt and adapt the best global business innovations, strategies and solutions to address local challenges.

IT Services &

Efficient and cost-effective growth is at the core of any enterprise and ICTs are key in driving growth, we recognize this in all our solutions.

Research Services Consulting

We understand that the starting point for any business undertaking is knowledge. The source of which remains on-the-ground focused research.

Translation Services

From our research services, we realized a gap in professional localization. Recognizing its importance, we developed a focused division for translation services.

Environmental Services &

Related to agriculture, our environment is a key concern. Recognizing its vast nature and importance, we set up a focused division.

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