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AWWSites Business Solutions

Website Design & Development, IT Systems
Handsworth Park, Lusaka, Zambia
AWWSites Business Solutions is a dynamic team of business, IT and creative minds working to provide affordable yet exceptional quality business solutions to start-ups, small and medium businesses in Zambia.

Made in Africa

Blackwell Consulting Allianz (I) Ltd
In-Country Partners
Say hello to talent from Africa. Made in Africa strives to be the leading freelancing, outsourcing and crowd-sourcing platform dedicated to sub Saharan Africa.

Tender Tiger

Blackwell Consulting Allianz (I) Ltd
Regional Partners
Be assured of maximum verified business opportunities in form of Tenders, RFQ, EOI, Reverse Auction, eAuction & more. Get business from both public and private organisations in Zambia and Africa. Zambia.TenderTiger.com is your #1 Tender portal. Register to experience the difference. Join Now.

World Phone IT Services

Blackwell Consulting Allianz (I) Ltd
Regional Partners
World Phone IT Services is a leading player focused on developing & deploying innovative mobile finances solutions, Mobility Software Platforms, Solutions and Services for Telecom, Media and Banking verticals in the industry.

AppLink Advertising Limited

University of Zambia Village Complex
Great East Road, Lusaka, Zambia
App Development company in Zambia with a focus on working with people and businesses with incredible ideas to help turn ideas into brilliance! Not only do they design and develop great apps, they follow through with effective marketing strategies to give clients a complete range of services.

Edibon International

Blackwell Consulting Allianz (I) Limited
Regional Partners
Real but modified industrial processes, explaining the most complicated parts of any process such as Electronics and Software. Our units utilize components which are used in true industry, but with full students protections.
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